Cross-Console Gaming

︎ Blizzard Entertainment
︎ Design researcher (Team of 21)
︎ Report & Recommendations


Gamers can’t directly communicate with other gamers if they are playing on different consoles.(Ex: Xbox players can’t directly communicate with Switch players through their consoles.) Do console (PlayStation, Xbox, Switch) gamers use devices outside of their console to communicate while playing? If so, what can we learn about these communication practices?


Community is central to the gaming experience. Therefore,
➊ Provide gamers the ability to identify themselves.
➋ Accomodate overlapping gaming communities.
➌ Allow blocking and setting boundaries.
➍ Allow integration with social media to support spread of communities. 

Tools: Miro, Zoom, Google Suite, Dedoose

Do console (PlayStation, Xbox, Switch, etc.) gamers utilize devices outside of their console to communicate with others while playing together?


1. Goal Setting 

We spoke with our client Blizzard Entertainment to clarify goals and define research question.

2. Recruit + Fieldwork

I gathered ethnographic research by interviewing a participant. My partner and I conducted 3 separate interviews:

➊ Pre-observation interview
➋ Observation interview
➌ Post-observation interview

3. Analysis

After gathering all the fieldwork, I presented key findings. Then came up with overarching themes, also referred to as ‘models’.

We used Dedoose, a qualititative coding software, to trace themes and generate insights. My teams focus was on ‘community, socialization, and communication’.

4. Synthesis

After observing themes/insights from the 10 participants, my team and I proposed design recommendations for Blizzard Entertainment.



10 Cross-Console Players





Design Recommendations

In light of our insight that community and communication is central to the gaming experience, gamers need a way to build and sustain their relationships.

➊ Give players tools and information to identify themselves
➋ Reflect overlapping gaming communities
➌ Allow blocking and setting boundaries
➍ Allow integration with social media to support and promote spread of communities

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