Hello, hola, and مراحب. My name is Abril Caraballo-Marin. I am a user-experience designer and researcher in search of new opportunities.  I am passionate about creating user-centric experiences that improve lives and bring you value. 

Besides designing, I thoroughly enjoy swing dancing 💃🏽, speaking Arabic 🌍️, and trying new nutritious foods 🥬. Got any suggestions?

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A STORY FOR YOU I recently graduated with a BFA in Communication Design with a concentration in User-Experience Design and a BA in Integrative Studies with focuses in Spanish, Arabic, and Art History from the University of North Texas. ︎ In 2017, my trajectory shifted towards design after volunteering at an ESL center in CHAD, AFRICA for a semester. (I know, unexpected.) During that experience, I was captivated by an animated YouTube video that effectively communicated an overview of a book through visuals and audio. It was so thoughtfully rendered and left me with a memorable experience. Upon returning to the U.S.A., I met up with the designers that made the video and was then inspired to study design. I then made user-experience design my focus, merging my interests in research, cross-cultural studies, visual design, and making a difference in lives. Since Africa, I’ve studied in Europe, China, and Oman (remotely).

︎︎︎ Arabic
︎︎︎ Design Anthropology
︎︎︎ After Effects

📖  Design for the Real World by Papanek 
📖  Just Enough Research by Erika Hall
📖  Not by Sight by Jon Bloom
🎧 Food by Design: an IDEO podcast
💡 Social Impact Design
💡 Design Anthropology

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Thanks for stopping by. I’d love to hear from you. ☻ What are your passions in life? ☻ How did you get to where you are now? ☻ Any tips for my portfolio? ☻ Thanks for stopping by. I’d love to hear from you. ☻ What are you hopeful for in the future? ☻ Have a lovely day. ☻