My name is Abril, and I am a  user-experience designer and researcher ✐  curious about the world and people—including you and me. I am passionate about creating user-centric and research-driven experiences that promote flourishing. 

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A Way to Learn, 2022

With the rise of tech in the classroom, this engaging and interactive experience aims to help 2nd and 5th graders learn.

UX Design

Voting for Youth Generations, 2021

What if voting was made easier for busy college students? This app seeks to increase youth voter turnout by making it easier to register, learn, and engage in civic life on UNT’s campus. 

UX Design & Research, Ethnography, Strategy, Product Design, Usability Testing


Cross-Console Gaming, 2021

Gamers can’t directly communicate with other gamers if they are playing on different consoles. What can we learn about their communication practices?

Ethnography, Qualitative Data Coding, Surveys, Data Anaylsis  


Cross-Cultural Guides, 2020

A system to increase cultural awareness among cross-cultural workers entering a new and unfamiliar culture. 

Editorial Design, Digital Design, Interviewing  

User-Centric Design + Contextual Research, 2020

A roadmap and set of flashcards that explain user-centric design (UCD) and contextual research. Intended to help designers understand and adopt user-centeric methodologies. 

Editorial Design, Visual Design